Customer Case Study: How Main Street Radiology Increased Follow-up Adherence with Agamon Health

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This webinar features a case study of Agamon deployment at Main Street Radiology (MSR) Imaging Center Network, a large imaging network in New York.

During the webinar, Dr. Ari Jonisch, MSR CEO and Mrs Kelly Collins, scheduling manager, shared how Main Street Radiology was able to overcome challenges with their follow-up processes by using Agamon's AI-based automated platform.

Watch to discover:

  • How were Main Street Radiology's follow-up challenges addressed and why was this a priority?
  • How did Main Street Radiology raise follow-up adherence by implementing AI-automated solutions?
  • How did it affect patient experience and practice growth?

Meet the panelists

Ari Jonisch

Ari Jonisch

President, Main Street Radiology

Chief-of-Service, Department of Radiology, New York-Presbyterian/Queens Chief of Musculoskeletal Section of Main Street Radiology Clinical Assistant Professor in Radiology, Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University

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