Agamon Coordinate: An AI and Deep Learning Approach to Communication in Radiology

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Communicating findings and follow-up recommendations to referring physicians and patients is a proven way that radiology providers can bring more patients back for potentially life-saving follow-up exams. In this webinar, Agamon CTO Omri Sivan demonstrates how the Agamon Coordinate care coordination platform allows providers to automate and streamline this follow-up process.

Watch to discover:

  • Why we built Agamon Coordinate
  • How radiology providers are using the platform to automatically capture important information, and send timely communications to the right people, automatically
  • How Agamon's deep learning technology works

Meet the panelists

Omri Sivan

Omri Sivan

Co-founder & CTO at Agamon

Omri Sivan heads up Agamon's data science team. He has led the development of Agamon's proprietary Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing technology, and overseas ongoing work to train and further develop the models that power solutions like Agamon Coordinate.

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