HALO Precision Diagnostics Adopts Agamon Health’s AI-driven Follow-Up Management Solution for Improved Patient Adherence.

May 9, 2023
HALO Precision Diagnostics Adopts Agamon Health’s AI-driven Follow-Up Management Solution for Improved Patient Adherence.

HALO Precision Diagnostics, the leader in early disease detection using precision diagnostics, announced its partnership with Agamon Health, the leader in AI/NLP-powered automated solutions for patient workflow management.  

The Agamon Coordinate Platform provides an end-to-end solution for follow-up management in radiology. It starts with interpreting imaging reports and translating them into actionable findings, using Generative AI and natural language processing (NLP). These findings, insights and data regarding overlooked follow-ups are seamlessly communicated to referring physicians and their patients, enabling better patient care and improved adherence and outcomes.

"We chose to implement Agamon’s technology to advance patient care,” says John Feller, MD, HALO’s Chief Medical Officer. “With the large number of reports generated by HALO annually, there was a strong need for a fully automated and scalable solution to bridge the follow-up gap. An initial trial with Agamon showed an 86% increase in follow-up adherence rate. We’re excited to extend this solution to all HALO locations, to ensure improved patient outcomes and provide added value to our referring providers” .

HALO Precision Diagnostics is focused on saving and extending the quality of people's lives through the early detection of the leading causes of death with precision diagnostics. Combining leaders from the medical, scientific, and technology communities, HALO Diagnostics is a leader in the early detection of cancer's like Prostate and Breast.

“We are thrilled to partner with a renowned imaging organization like HALO,” says Michal Meiri, CEO of Agamon Health.  “Agamon offers not just a technological solution, but also a workflow improvement that focuses on quality and outcomes. Our deployments in some of the largest US healthcare organizations have shown a significant increase in patient adherence, helping our customers generate new financial value and improve patient outcomes. We look forward to making a positive impact with HALO”.

About HALO Precision Diagnostics

HALO Precision Diagnostics is the leader in early disease detection using precision diagnostics. The company's outpatient Precision Diagnostic Centers are reshaping the healthcare ecosystem by integrating advanced imaging, digital pathology, molecular genomics, and predictive analytics under one roof, in a lower-cost, outpatient setting. HALO makes early-stage disease screening and diagnosis faster and more convenient for patients and physicians alike. With care pathways dedicated to prostate cancer, breast cancer, cardiac disease, lung disease, and dementia, HALO is increasing early disease detection and saving lives. HALO currently serves one million patients, a number expected to triple by 2024. For more information visit www.halodx.com

About Agamon Health

Agamon Health is a leading digital health company that leverages AI-based technological innovation to redefine patient workflow management.   Agamon's Generative AI Automated solution has been successfully deployed in leading healthcare institutions in the US, where it demonstrated a significant increase in follow-up recommendations identified and patient adherence rates. The solution helps healthcare organizations improve operational efficacy and bridge their patient care gap. For more information, please visit agamonhealth.com

Media contact: Olga Rosenman, Head of Marketing olga@agamonhealth.com

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