Agamon Teams With Assuta To Improve The Patient Journey, Unveils Salesforce Integration

December 15, 2021
Agamon Teams With Assuta To Improve The Patient Journey, Unveils Salesforce Integration

Agamon provides healthcare organizations with the power to automatically detect and communicate critical patient information, enabling a data-driven and patient-centered approach to care. The startup’s patient retention and workflow automation software has been developed for radiology, which is the center of information for any healthcare system.

Agamon has now deployed its automation software in Assuta, the largest private hospital chain in Israel.

The collaboration involves the use of Artificial Intelligence and Assuta’s new Salesforce integration to improve patient orientation in the healthcare system and guide patients on the most personalized journey to better health, improving patient experience and quality of care. 

Improving patient orientation in a healthcare system

“We know that for many patients, trying to navigate your way through a hospital system can be daunting and confusing,” said Michal Menashe, Head of Patient Experience at Assuta. “So we were eager to improve patient orientation in the healthcare system and their care continuity — as if taking the patient’s hand and guiding them through receiving healthcare services — and we approached Agamon to help us make it happen.” 

Assuta performs more than 800,000 imaging exams and over 100,000 surgical procedures, while treating approximately 1.5 million patients annually, across eight hospitals and medical centers nationwide. To coordinate this massive amount of patient information and communications, the organization had implemented Salesforce customer relationship management (CRM) software. But the organization wanted to further improve and truly personalize their patients’ experience.  

Driving workflow efficiency with Natural Language Processing

Agamon CEO Michal Meiri explained: “Agamon’s proprietary deep learning Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology can understand the unique language of radiologists and extract data from free-text radiology reports. Assuta’s radiology department uploads their radiology reports to our software, in a privacy-preserving way. Our software does the rest — extracting, structuring and standardizing data, and transferring it straight into Salesforce CRM.” 

“This means Assuta can bypass issues that come with manual data entry, such as inefficiency, low accuracy and difficulty to scale, while providing patients with personalized care, all automatically. Ultimately, it means greater efficiency, timely collaboration and communication across hospital personnel, and improved continuity of care and patient safety.”

Agamon-Salesforce integration flow.

Empowering data-driven healthcare

Michal Meiri said she had founded Agamon to power data-driven healthcare systems, “where medical professionals have the critical insights they need to guide patients on the smoothest and most personalized journey to better health”.

“I’m incredibly proud of my team, and grateful to be working with such an innovative healthcare provider, helping transform healthcare as we know it and put patients at the center of care.”

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